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School Consulting

Christopher has consulted with over 20 classical schools, helping them to implement a classical curriculum and pedagogy to plan and grow into mature organizations.

Christopher offers school consulting in the following key areas:

Philosophy of Classical Education

  • History of Classical Education
  • Philosophy (Theory) to Practice
  • Defining Classical Education
  • Current Varieties of Classical Education

Strategy and Leadership

  • Board Leadership and Development
  • Board Best Practices and Principles
  • Head of School/Board Relationship
  • Planning Retreats

Execution and Administration

  • Three Year Plans
  • Three Levels of Teachers
  • Setting Up Academic Teams
  • Bringing Mission to Classroom
  • Job Descriptions and Assessment
  • Organization Chart Refinement
  • Manuals and Handbooks
  • Online Collaboration/Management Tools
  • Wise Use of Technology

Curriculum Development

  • Two Senses of “Curriculum”
  • The Curriculum Map
  • The Curriculum Guide
  • Grade Guidebooks
  • Curriculum Assessment
  • Co-Curricular Versus Extra-Curricular


  • Eight Essential Classical Pedagogies
  • Observation, Review and Practice
  • Three-Goal Annual Development Plan
  • Book and Media Resources for Teachers
  • Evaluation Forms and Improvement Plans

Class Management and Development

  • Lesson Preparation and Plans
  • Document/Assignment Management
  • Class Routines
  • Class Culture Building


  • Academic Teams for Faculty Develpment
  • Schole Activities (Contemplation)
  • Student Mentoring
  • Parent Partnership and Education
  • Meaningful Communications and Marketing


  • Art and Music
  • Traditions, Routines and Rituals
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